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Höegh LNG AS

Höegh LNG AS, the ultimate parent company of the Applicant, draws on over 30 years of operational LNG experience within the Höegh group. This includes LNG carrier operations in some of the most challenging maritime environments in the world, all performed with a flawless safety record. During this time, Höegh has pioneered:

Höegh continues to build its offshore experience through its current participation in the Snøhvit project in the Barents Sea which includes the development of the world's northernmost and Europe’s first LNG export terminal, and in the Neptune project, which consists of the construction of an STL Buoy deepwater port near Boston Harbor, Massachusetts. This is aligned with the company’s goal of continuing to expand its role as a leader in developing midstream solutions for the importation of natural gas that utilize breakthrough technology while being environmentally sensitive.

In addition to its longstanding role in LNG operations and systems development, Höegh's vessels have Condition Assessment Program Certificates, Class 1 or equivalent, which certifies a standard of quality beyond the vessel class requirements. Through an affiliate, Höegh LNG AS maintains on-premises oversight of new construction vessels including the recently delivered Arctic Princess and Arctic Lady in addition to three vessels under construction at Samsung Heavy Industries. Through this relationship with its affiliated companies, Höegh LNG is able to maintain comprehensive, life-cycle expertise in all aspects of transporting natural gas in the offshore environment.

An important component of Höegh’s offshore expertise and safety record is its cadet and seafarer training programs administered by the affiliated Höegh Fleet Services and under which personnel are trained in maritime operations at three global locations. As part of the maritime operations curriculum, comprehensive instruction in environmental compliance is provided to Masters and engineering personnel. Its practice experience and commitment to environmental protection led to Höegh Fleet Services’ receipt of ISO 14001 certification in 2001.

Höegh LNG is a member of a number of industry trade organizations including the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators, the Baltic and International Maritime Council, the Norwegian Oil and Gas Partners, and the Norwegian Ship owners Association.

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